Friday, January 25, 2013

Accountability Groups

I've already blogged a few times about accountability, but it bares repeating.  Making goals is great, but if you don't hold yourself to accomplishing them, then you're sunk.

Recently, I've heard buzz about accountability groups.  GREAT IDEA.  Small groups of actors meet on a regular basis, and help each other along.  Collaborations like this make every member of the group stronger.

Setting up an accountability group:
•Choose some like-minded friends.  Don't be afraid to ask people who are further along in their careers.  Don't be afraid to ask someone who is specializing in something different than you.  Don't be afraid to ask people with whom you compete for jobs. I'd say no more than 8 people.
•Set up a recurring schedule.   Meet as often as serves you, but at least every 2 months.
•Be honest about where you are in your career and where you want to be.
•Ask for help.
•Give help.
•Put your minds together for projects that you can't do alone, but a group of colleagues can accomplish.   (Produce a play.  Do a web series.  Plan mailings together.)
•Register for classes together, and help each other rehearse for those classes.
•Exploit group discounts.  Headshot photographers, for example.

But here's what I think is most important:

Work with your group to develop both goals and action plans.
Goals are the results you'd like to see.
     •I want to get a legit agent.
     •I want to book my first national commercial.
     •I want to join Equity.
Action plans are thing you will do to achieve the goals.  Actions steps are 100% achievable, and in your control.
     •I will take a class with a TV casting director.
     •I will mail postcards every 4 to 6 weeks.
     •I will get complete a voice over demo.

Write them down.  Share them with the group.  And MAKE SURE everyone does what they promise they will.

Then finally, celebrate the results.  When one of you wins, you all win.

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